Please contact me to purchase my artwork:

838 Knapp NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
phone & fax: 616/ 365-9659
[email protected]  

All of my work is framed using 100% cotton fiber museum board to provide optimum archival protection. All prices listed are retail. As with any purchase of original art, the bill of sale transfers title only and copyright remains exclusive property of the artist. 6% sales tax will be added to purchases by Michigan residents.

With each piece you will receive:

  • A statement of authenticity with provenance materials in a collector’s file folder.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. (UPS Ground)
  • Free gift wrapping (gift certificates are available, too.)
  • Unconditional guarantee and unlimited return policy.
  • The option of receiving future exhibition invitations and announcements.
  • A thank you gift

The prices listed are retail. As with any purchase of original art, the bill of sale transfers title only. Copyright remains exclusive property of the artist.

Works of art on paper are inherently fragile but can be easily protected from damage by:

  • Custom paper writing service here
  • Protection from light
  • Protection from high temperature and humidity
  • Protection from direct handling and pollution

Because paper is damaged by prolonged contact with acidic surroundings archival framing materials are crucial for the protection of your fine works of art.

Elements of proper framing: All mats and backing are made of acid-free 100% cotton fiber (rag) board; the art is hinged with conservation tape; the acrylic, UV filtering glazing doesn’t come in contact with the surface of the artwork; and the back of the frame is sealed tight. Always inspect the art you purchase. If you notice evidence of mold and/or insects under the glass or if the matting is warped or stained then this work has probably been exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuation. If the cut edge of the mat window (bevel) has turned brown, it contains acid that has already begun to oxidize. 100% Rag mats have bright white bevels that never discolor (the exception being those that come in solid colors throughout.) If it’s not matted with acid-free board in the front then it’s probably not protected in the back. Turn the frame around and check. If there’s no paper seal on a wood frame or it’s backed with corrugated cardboard then the artwork is susceptible to acid, moisture, dust and bugs. If you fall in love with a piece that is improperly framed, by all means buy it and reframe it using archival materials. A work of art that touches your soul is worth protecting.

Proper light: Display your works on paper with low light using regular incandescent or tungsten bulbs. No matter how lightfast a product (such as watercolor) is described to be by its manufacturer all media are susceptible to the damaging effects of light. Light will fade artwork and make paper brittle. This damage is cumulative and permanent. The most damaging UV is present in daylight (especially direct sun) as well as fluorescent and halogen bulb emissions.

Temperature and humidity: Display your artwork in a climate controlled environment. The expansion and contraction caused by fluctuations in climate will warp paper and loosen adhesives. High heat and humidity invite mold and bugs. Original works on paper should never be displayed in a bathroom, sun porch, or an attic.

Handling and pollution: Works of art on paper should be touched as little as possible. Dirt and oil are absorbed by paper and cause deterioration. New construction materials including new carpeting and paint give off harmful fumes that discolor artwork and make paper brittle. Copy machines and cleaning supplies, even the beautiful wood desk in your office emit chemicals that are absorbed by and destroy paper. The same can be said for dust, soot, and car exhaust. It is crucial that works of art on paper be properly framed and protected from the elements.